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If you would like to contact a member of the art league please email your name, contact information, and brief message addressed to the member you wish to contact to and we forward the message for you.


Pay for your membership online! The membership rate is

$25/adult and $15/student. 

Complete a membership application today!

You can mail completed membership from with payment to CCAL, c/o James Emert, 1460 Laurel Lane, Palmerton, PA 18071.

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Current Members

CCAL Profile Image.jpg
James Emert 


Medium: Photography

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CCAL Profile Image.jpg
Lucy Freck


Medium: Photography

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Jennifer Eisenhower


Medium: Stained Glass, Fiber, Acrylic

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CCAL Profile Image.jpg
Claudia Hill

Board Member

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Carla Binder

Medium: Photography, Watercolor, Pen & Ink, Wool

Eclectic best describes my work and my love of art. My art is mostly inspired by nature and my Pennsylvania German heritage. The stylized illustrations I produce in watercolor and pen and ink largely stem from my studies of art found on old PA German barns, furniture, certificates and quilts. I turn these illustrations into wearable art in the form of pins. My photography is a combination of natural landscapes, wildlife, structures (particularly those that are old or abandoned) and architectural details.  As I continue to explore the use of various medium, I'm finding new ways to bring my ideas to life.You can visit my Art and Design Studio and Gift Shop in Palmerton - visit my website at

CCAL Profile Image.jpg
Terry Kloiber


- - - 

Sarah Binder

Medium: Metalsmithing, Photography, Oil Painting, Watercolor

Graduate of Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA with art education focusing on jewelry and metalsmithing. With a love for all types of art and design Sarah's day job is in marketing and her entrepreneurial spirit leads her to work on her own retail/wholesale jewelry business after hours. Inspired by nature that is prominent in her work. Find her jewelry at 

Corinne Chabot Painter.jpg
Corinne Chabot

Medium: Watercolor, Acrylics

Corinne Chabot, artist, has been a self taught painter since 2015

when she was struggling with her lung disease and looking for an

outlet to help her cope with her disease. Corinne attended a wine and

paint party where she realized that painting gave her a new sense of

happiness and inspiration not to mention it was great therapy. She

paints both with watercolors and acrylic as well as experimenting with

mixed medias. Corinne’s favorite things to paint are animal portraits

which she has been commissioned to do many times. She has won

many awards for her paintings that have been displayed at the

Bloomsburg Fair and the Wilkes-Barre Art Festival. Her works have

been displayed at the Tamaqua Community Art Center, the Carbon

Chamber of Commerce, Palmerton Library Art Show, Carbon County

Art League Show and currently are displayed at the Greenleaf Gallery

in Beaver Meadows, Pa. Corinne’s collection called “With Every

Breath” includes oriental watercolors, beautiful hummingbirds,

majestic wolves, 3D zebras, life beneath the sea, gorgeous

landscapes, and much more. Her pieces are unique and full of life.

Maggie Lukasevich

Medium: Paper Mache, Mixed Media

Maggie is a self-taught artist who has experimented with face painting, pyrography, set design - both painting back drops and buildings, murals, furniture painting and jewelry making. She is currently focusing on 3D art made with paper mâché on wood panel or canvas and sculpture painted with acrylic. Maggie revels in redefining "outside the box." Visit her website here

Joan Lech

Medium: Wood

My work as an artist is inspired by nature. I use wood as my palette to create my art by carving or a turning or combining both. I grew up with nature in my backyard.  Growing up I liked to fish, hike and photograph nature and still do. Nature is a big part of my life and has so much to offer, it gives me my medium to work with and then lets me create objects inspired by its beauty.

Cheryl Popek

Medium: Charcoal

Student of Jay Davenport of Jim Thorpe, PA

Mary Anne Shafer

Medium: Oil, Charcoal, Pastel

Drawing and painting provide me with a sense of peace. I am inspired to do this work through memories of my father’s love for drawing and woodworking and the time he spent teaching me to carefully observe and appreciate life’s simplest times.


My choice of subject matter often happens unexpectedly, as when I see an object which reminds me of a long forgotten, but meaningful, moment. I choose a particular medium – charcoal, pastel, or oil – to capture the feel of the memory. A touch of humor, sprinkled here and there when appropriate, adds another dimension to a number of my works. I would like my pieces to spark a pleasant memory in the minds of viewers and to encourage them to realize the beauty found in ordinary objects and daily activities. Find my art at

Yvonne Wright

Medium: Multimedia

I am a multimedia artist with a Bachelor’s degree in fine art, and a Master’s degree in art history. Whether in paintings or drawings the language of my visualization often draws on the legacy of Surrealism, where fantasy and pastiche play an integral part. I am concept and technique driven, using the narrative of the line as a style of calculated precision to weave a story. My eclectic gallery of 'bird-women' falls into the category of what Joan Miro once noted about Surrealism: what really counts is to strip the soul naked - and are largely confined to portraiture. 

Marj. with Barbie.jpg
Marjorie Reppert

Medium: Mixed Media

Marjorie has a BS from Kutztown University and MA from the University of the Arts. She is the Shadow Box Queen. Marj will transform any memorable token, items and recycled goods into a memory box for you. She also hand creates Shrines, Assemblages and collages that are currently exhibited in her Jim Thorpe gallery Rosemary Remembrances II established in 1984. The gallery is located at 10 Hill Rd on Opera House Square. Open most weekends noon to five. She also shows her artful pieces in galleries that exhibit small works. Visit her website.

Dave McGeehan

Medium: Wood, Encaustic

- - - 

CCAL Profile Image.jpg
Lynn Shupp

Medium: Photography

Lynn studied photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and have been in business for 20 years. She is the owner of Photography by Lynn in Palmerton.

Visit to see more!

CCAL Profile Image.jpg
Fern Breininger

Medium: Oil Painting, Charcoal, Pastel

Fern studies with Jay Davenport.

CCAL Profile Image.jpg
Cindy Lou Morris

Medium: Painting

Showed at the Palmerton Library, Hospital, Fall Fest and the Lehigh Gap Nature Center. Cindy Lou won a Plein Air Contest. She is the a designer of landscapes and the owner of Garden Angels for 8 years.

CCAL Profile Image.jpg
Diana McClement

Medium: Arcylics

Self taught artist in acrylics.

CCAL Profile Image.jpg
George P. Dennis

Medium: Blacksmithing, Wire Sculpture, Metal Casting, Photography

George took two years of commercial art at Carbon County Vo-tech (1971-72) and a welding course at adult education. George has also done some work in pen & ink, oil, charcoal and has a love of photography.

CCAL Profile Image.jpg
Lynn Hontz

Medium: Painting, Photography

- - - 

CCAL Profile Image.jpg
Claudia Ebbert


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If you are a Carbon County Art League member and would like your information added to this page please email your name, medium, short statement/biography, and a photograph of one of your pieces of artwork to

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